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Authentic relationships are at the heart of our business and like anything great, they take time to develop and nurture. We’re in this because we feel a personal sense of fulfilment when we’re helping people and we do that by getting to know our community deeply and personally, clients and candidates alike.

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Our charge comes from making a great connection. That zing you feel when you’ve done something you’re proud of? For us that happens when great humans meet each other and come out the other side fulfilled as a result of our efforts.

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Careers change lives. As employees we derive purpose from where we work, we create community with our co-workers and we grow not only professionally but personally as a result. As employers, the right hire can take us to the next level, bring in the game-changing sale or create the next big viral campaign. As an agency we’re looking up to the sky and beyond and know that anything is possible.

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There’s talk and then there’s action and in action we do shine. We have hustle, muscle, tenacity and drive and in a deadline-oriented world, we work to deliver on time. We’ve got high standards and we’re always challenging ourselves to go above and beyond in client and candidate experiences.  


What Our Clients Are Saying


"Talent&Culture nailed every single step of the recruitment process for us!  They were always one step ahead of us and were continually anticipating needs.  As a result, we were able to recruit the perfect candidate in an incredibly short period.

To top it off, the team were an absolute delight to work with and made the recruitment experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. I have to say Talent&Culture didn’t just exceed our expectations; they blew them out of the water."

– Kerry Duff, Business Development and Marketing Director, Flytographer


"The challenge of finding a data-marketing specialist with specific skill sets for our firm was challenging. Emily and her team not only thoroughly provided us outstanding candidates we would have never found on our own - they partnered with us to best understand and define what we needed- the real ‘gold’.

Talent & Culture is one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our 30 years of business."

– Bob Stamnes, Founder and CEO, Elevator


“Emily and her team at Talent and Culture were instrumental in helping us find the right people to scale our business. From superstar sales hires and senior managers to emerging stars in support and operations we now have the solid foundation that any start-up needs to succeed….great people.”

– Michael Driedger, Co-Founder & CEO, operto


“The market for talent in Vancouver is an incredibly tricky one. The talent pool is ever shrinking, while employee expectations are ever growing. As an employer for over 20 years I can attenst to the fact that one of the toughest parts of my business is finding and securing the right talent to grow my team. I have used other agencies in the past and have been reasonably satisfied although mostly underwhelmed as my experience was really one of the agency gathering a group of candidates for us to wade through, with little support throguh the process. Not the case with Talent & Culture, Emily and her team carefully curated the top candidates for our role and then submitted them to us. Clearly there was a sagnificant vetting process prior to submission and the result was spectacular. Never before have we been in a position where we had more than one clear winner for a position. The quality of candidates presented were such that a significant evaluation process was undertaken to find the clear winner. Emily participated in every aspect of the process leading us to choose, in the end, what we perceived to the strongest and best suited candidate.

Emily and the team at Talent & Culture are the best in the business and receive a 10 out of 10 for their service.”

– Richard Pollock, President & CEO, Pauling Labs | Ener-C


What Our Candidates Are Saying


"I had an excellent experience with Talent&Culture! They ran a very professional hiring process and as someone that has been recruited for other positions in my career, I can easily say that Talent&Culture was by far the best search agency I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

– Ian B

“Working with Emily and the team at Talent&Culture was fantastic. They made the whole job process comfortable and helped at every step of the way. Their instincts in matching me to a job I'd enjoy were spot-on, and I couldn't be happier with my new position.”

– Axel P

“I’ve worked with agencies in the past both as a candidate and client. Emily and the team at Talent&Culture stood out for several reasons including the depth and breadth of their network and expertise, the quality of their work, the lengths they go to to provide value and their ethical and personable approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to clients and candidates alike.”

– Frank P

“Emily was a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, candor and most of all her approachable straight-up responses helped me navigate the sometimes-unnerving process of interviewing and negotiating. I would highly recommend Emily and Talent&Culture!”

– Sabrina B



Do you need to build a team of ‘A’ players? Are you heavy on hiring demands and short on time? Are you looking for a true partner in crime who get’s sh*t done? Send us an email and we will get back to your shortly.