Web, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Lead | Vancouver

Our client, Wiivv is a growth technology company headquartered in Vancouver, BC.  They make humans more durable by empowering people and brands with the fit, feel, function and performance of customized footwear and apparel.  They pioneered the use of mobile capture and 3D printing to create customized products that fit closely with the human body.  Today, they sell directly to consumers around the globe and work closely with brands using Wiivv Fit Technology.  

They are looking for a Web, eCommerce & Digital Marketing lead to join their growing team in Gastown.  This role is focused on customer engagement, conversion, revenue and satisfaction across the Wiivv product line. You will use expert knowledge of direct online and mobile sales as well as analytical insights, digital marketing and growth hacking techniques to drive business performance.  You will lead our direct commerce effort, technically and spiritually.  Your work will drive revenue, margin and culture across the company.

They are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity of all kinds at Wiivv.  They do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

Expectations & Performance Profile

  • Think big.  Free yourself from today's constraints and market environment.  Find and quantify large opportunities, then collaborate with others to realize them.
  • Intuitively understand and lead growth hacks that result in engagement and sales.
  • Frame and solve marketing challenges.  Keep our conversion high while delivering brand, product and experience initiatives that lift AOV and LTV.
  • Use critical thinking and structured problem solving to optimize ROI and relentlessly drive customer engagement.  Spend time and energy diffusing this knowledge.
  • Lead and facilitate team and company understanding.  Know how to build stories and when to herd cats, while excelling at both simultaneously.
  • Evangelize and communicate persuasively.  Make cases that are impossible to refute or ignore.  Use data appropriately, when available, while also tapping into other biases, beliefs, and triggers to convince the powers that be to part with people, money, or other resources and then get out of the way.
  • Leverage quantitative metrics to formulate, test and apply customer understanding.
  • Prioritize incisively.  Know how to sequence effort to balance offensive and defensive priorities appropriately.
  • Execute.  Grind it out.  Do whatever is necessary to keep the organization focused and accelerating.


  • You are naturally curious, driven to play, investigate and create.  You are compelled by your own questions and intuition.
  • You have intrinsic interest in new businesses, products and services that relate to footwear, athletics, apparel and human performance.  Your personal life demonstrates this.
  • You are a capitalist.  Your drive to reach customers, sell product and create results is palpable.
  • You are well versed in Shopify, Google, Facebook, email marketing, demand side marketing platforms and social media.  You learn new technologies quickly.  You can digest, internalize and apply rapidly.
  • You’re a data lover.  You’re acquainted with SQL and comfortable working directly with the tools and tasks of modern data science for ecommerce.
  • You’re familiar with positioning, differentiation and communication practices used to market new, unique value propositions.
  • You have ingrained leadership skills to navigate the challenges of growth hacking through digital marketing.  Your peers are naturally drawn to you.
  • Persuasive business arguments come naturally to you.  You are a storyteller and master at turning data and ideas into a plan.
  • You work well independently but prefer to be part of a team – instinctively knowing what must be done and when to take initiative.
  • You have outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Your personal attributes include passion for contributing to team success, inspiring evangelist, impatient for results, mission-driven, and unquestioned ethics.

Please send your resume and a summary about yourself to emily@tac.work. We thank all interested applicants. Only those shortlisted will be contacted.