Not everybody wants the same thing; we have a range of solutions to fit your changing hiring challenges. From permanent placements to executive search to hourly-fee projects, we’re flexible.


Permanent placements

Our access to thousands of passive candidates and our fully automated, 24/7, proprietary sourcing systems designed to build and nurture talent puts us in the sweet spot of uncovering the talent you need. Whether you’re looking to scale quickly with volume or need a few key hires to round out the team, we’ve got you covered.


Executive Search

Great leadership can make or break the business. With a clear understanding of your business objectives we work closely with you to identify, attract and close the best executive talent on the market. Our low overhead and agile operations allow us to offer more competitive rates than traditional executive search firms. You pay for our work, not for our fancy espresso machines.


Hourly-fee Projects

Sometimes all you need is an extra hand when things are a bit crazy and this is where our flexibility shines. Looking for sourcing help? Check. Need to build a talent pipeline for a future project? Check. Want to understand the candidate landscape? Check. Our research and project skills allow us to parachute in and become one with your team.